Hello there! My Name is Arica. I'm an entrepreneur, chef, and wife with a love for nature, food, travel and wholesome living. I create via many mediums and sell holistic beauty products with love, wisdom, and care.I truly believe that what we eat, put on our bodies and how we live are all tied to our health. Salubria was created to educate, and provide practical ways to cultivate your own holistic journey. 

It isn't about beauty in a jar. Want to know why? Because you are already beautiful! Every Salubria item is crafted to get rid of buildup, toxins from unnatural products, stress, and bring out what was already lying beneath the surface. When you feel your healthiest, you are your most beautiful self no matter your shape, size, color or background. 

 When I create a recipe for a dish or meal, I use the same philosophy: use superior ingredients, keep them to a minimum to feature their distinct flavor and tell a story on the plate using creativity and technique. 

With the recent overhaul of Salubria, the team and I have honed in on the "source content" each product has to offer. Every scent is inspired by a destination and its best ingredients. From invigorating tea tree oil, used by Native Australians to the rich earthiness of clove and cinnamon inspired by Indian Spice Markets, our new products are meant to take you on a journey, while nourishing your skin and hair. It is my hope that every time you use Salubria, you are able to connect to our story and experience glowing skin and hair because of it. 

Arica Jackson-Morgan

Founder of Salubria Holistic Beauty