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Salubria began in the kitchen of aspiring chef Arica Jackson. While in culinary school, a hectic schedule of working in kitchens, lectures, assignments and extracurricular life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle began to fall by the wayside.

 While in her kitchen, Arica found that some of the ingredients she had on hand served wonderfully for her skin and hair. Using research, her nutrition background, and culinary creativity, she began formulating recipes for moisturizing skin and hair, combating dryness, soothing muscles, exfoliating and more.  

Sharing her recipes with friends and family, Arica began to build a team of individuals who were as passionate about a healthy lifestyle as she was, others where eager to try new and unique products. The demand for these products grew, and thus Salubria was born. 

Arica is an avid lover of cooking, crafting, artwork, music, and dance. She believes doing what one loves is essential to a vigorous and beautiful life. Arica now spends her time working to build the Salubria brand while providing customers with products, recipes, and advice to build a happier and healthier lifestyle.  


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