What the Heck Is Oil Washing?! Your Secret Weapon Against Blackheads Decoded

What the Heck Is Oil Washing?! Your Secret Weapon Against Blackheads Decoded

 What the Heck is Oil Washing Salubria Life

“There’s no such thing as cleaning with oil! Those two words just don’t go together.” Think again!  Oil washing is the facial cleansing method used by Korean beauty gurus for years and is taking the beauty world by storm. Believe it or not, oil washing is perfect for oily and combination skin types!

I know what you’re thinking; “Why would I put more oil on my already greasy face?!” Oil cleansing works when your dampened skin is washed.  Essentially, warm water and oil opens up your pores, the oil is then able to bond to the excess, dirt, oil (sebum), and even makeup on your face. Following up with a foaming cleanser, or facial bar cleans the oil mixture off and takes your whiteheads, blackheads, and dirt with it. Many see a difference in the first wash!  

How to choose the right oil for you

Since you’re applying oil directly to your face, you want to be sure it reacts well with your skin and isn’t so heavy that it leaves a pore-clogging residue. Avoid any oil that must be melted before it’s applied, like coconut, cocoa butter or palm. Opt for an oil with a medium body, such as organic olive oil, grapeseed oil or rice bran oil. If your skin is sensitive, try apricot oil. All four have nourishing properties, which will benefit your cells as you wash.


  1. Wet your face with warm water
  2. Apply oil, and massage into skin, concentrating on areas with makeup, and breakouts  
  3. Rinse your face. Don’t worry about removing all of the oil.
  4. Wash your face using a facial bar or your favorite foaming cleanser. For best results use a cotton facial cloth or spin brush
  5. Rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry
  6. Follow up with toner, serum and sunscreen/moisturizer of choice!

Remember to always follow up with a serum or moisturizer after washing to seal your skin. Stripping your pores of too much oil can result in an overproduction of sebum, which is counterproductive for your skin. Try this method and see how it makes changes in your skin.

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