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 People always ask me "I want to get better about my health, I want to start a diet, what's the first thing I should do? What should I eat?". My answer first answer is (and will always be) always drink more water! 

Hydration for Your Cells 

Water is essential to our health on so many levels. Our bodies are made of 70% precious H2O. Our brains, blood, and every major organ rely on it.  Proper hydration does wonders for your body from the inside out.

There are lots of products on the market that claim to detox you from the inside out. The truth is, our bodies are specially designed to push toxins out on their own. Consuming water gives you the fluid and vitamins and minerals you need to make sure your organs are operating at optimal level. For example, our kidneys. They are detoxifiers which process and filter around 50 gallons of blood a day. These toxins are then released in the form of urine to the bladder. Dehydrated kidneys spend time compensating to draw liquid from sources instead of detoxing. Keeping the water bottle near keeps them functioning properly.  

Sip and Slay 

 Proper hydration will change your life if you've been unknowingly walking around like a human raisin. The benefits of drinking water include: 

    • Increased mental focus
    • Reducing the inflammatory response, which is connected to acne, and other skin issues. 
    • Clearer skin, that looks less dry and wrinkly 
    • allows you to digest foods better by regulating stomach acids and intestinal fluid
    • Conditions muscles improves blood flow and lessens cramps 
    • Giving you more energy. A 5% drop in body's water levels can produce a 30% loss in energy levels
    • Reduced cravings for sugary and salty foods promotes weight loss by making you feel more full. 

 Some say that 8 glasses a day is the standard for daily water intake. Your body may need way more or less than this amount. A good rule of thumb is half of your body weight divided by half in oz (so I weigh about 145lbs, so 145 fl oz divided by 2 = 73 fl oz). The best way to know is to listen to your body. If your urine isn't clear or has a strong odor, then you most likely haven't had enough. Start by incorporating water into your diet and gauge how your body responds. You may even see a reduction in bloating, dry skin and wrinkles!

Ready to Start?

Are you ready boost your health by drinking for beauty? We'll be running the   #holistichydration challenge on our Facebook Group for the month of June to help you drink more water, eat more hydrating foods and jumpstart your health. Join in to stay motivated and inspired with tips, recipes and more! 

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