Being Black and in Business

Being Black and in Business

Salubria Care Black and in Business

Message from the Salubria Founder, Arica:


It’s sad to say that I used to feel this way, but self love you have been of the reasons that this belief had become a part of my past. Salubria, as well as my other businesses, are a part of my purpose. With every bar of soap made and cut, every oil formulated, every educational post posted order shipped, etc. The mission of Salubria is being walked out. I will continue to use this company as a platform for healing, wholeness, and love.


Thank you for sharing this black-owned business. I encourage you to support other businesses/organizations/restaurants of color as our communities work to build a legacy and shift the narrative of who we are.


Free ways you can support my and other black businesses:

💕 Follow all social handles

🎉 Share our website links with family and friends

📸Refer our company on various directories, blog posts and messaging boards 

🌼 Join our email lists to engage with us in the future.

👇🏾 Comment on a post. Ask relevant questions about our product or service.


These are just a few, but there are plenty more!

To watch the video, attached to this post watch on the Salubria Holistic Beauty IGTV page, @salubriacare 


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