4 Essential Oils for Mom + Baby

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4 Essential Oils for Mom + Baby

Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting and challenging accomplishments in the world. Though Mother's day has recently past, mothers deserve to be uplifted and celebrated 24/7. Salubria talked to some new and seasoned moms to hear what products they wanted to swap out for all-natural body and hair care for themselves and baby if they could.  They talked, we listened. In the spirit of skin and hair care, I decided to write a bit about natural options for mom and baby.


Let's Talk EO's

It's hard not to talk about natural skincare without discussing essential oils. Essential Oils (or EO’s) are powerful oils containing the most concentrated form of a particular flower, herb, spice or botanical. Salubria uses them as fragrances, and to boost the healing power of our butter, oils and soaps. These powerful oils are great for aiding in certain aches and ailments. Because they are so concentrated, they can quickly help or even cause adverse reactions.  Below is a list of essential oils that expecting or breastfeeding moms should avoid as well as EO's safe for mom and baby. 

Finding What’s Right for You

It's important to know this information when selecting natural beauty products for your baby or even yourself. If you're not sure about a particular fragrance or essential oil in any product, always consult with your doctor. Never use a product claiming to contain "100 percent" undiluted essential oils, as improperly diluted essential oils can irritate or injure the skin.  We are careful to dilute our EO's to safe levels.

Bath Time 

 Origami Soaps in London Fog, Chamomile + Honey, and Pink Clay I Goats Milk I Rose are all great for you and baby because they contain nourishing cocoa butter, coconut, and olive oils. We forgo chemical detergents and artificial colorants, to keep your skin soft without overdrying.  

Lotion vs Oil 

  Use our Hair + Body oil after your bath or shower to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth and supple. Because lotions are water-based, they have a tendency to contain lots of emulsifiers and preservatives which are extra chemicals your skin doesn't actually need to stay soft. HBO can also be used as an all natural baby oil, as most commercial baby oils contain synthetic mineral oil and heavy fragrances even though they claim to be gentle. Our London Fog line contains lavender and bergamot essential oils, which are calming and safe for moms and baby.  Both of these E.O.’s promote healthy, blemish-free skin. Use the London Fog Hair + Body Oil for yourself during pregnancy and for you and baby’s everyday bath and body needs after they are born. 


Pregnant Mom Belly Skincare

Extra Care 

 For moms who deal with dry/patchy spots and growing bellies, the London Fog whipped Hair + Body Butter is great for everyday use. It's perfect for winter skin, or for getting a jump on stretch marks.  Our Heavy-duty H-Balm is infused with healing calendula, chamomile, and turmeric. All three have long been used for fighting inflammation, burn relief and calming skin issues. It's a great natural alternative to petroleum jelly. Stretch marks are a concern for young mothers as well as older women. Use on stretch marks both new and old and on any area you feel needs extra care. Older mothers can benefit from H-Balm as well as it will soothe and smooth over stretched skin which tends to get irritated. Use H-Balm as an all natural diaper cream, which provides a waterproof barrier for baby’s bum.  This will protect them from chaffing and rashes in the diaper area. As always, ask to shoot us a message about custom unscented products for the extra sensitive skin. 

Hopefully, this list has given you some insight into navigating natural mom + baby care. As always, ask to shoot us a message about custom or fragrance-free products for the extra sensitive skin. We might be able to help! What other items would you like to switch out from traditional to natural or yourself or baby's routine? Would you change something about your routine altogether? Let's chat in the comments! 

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