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A Fresh Start: Taking a New Direction For 2019

Happy New Year and many many great blessings to you as we roll through 2019.  If you are a new customer, we’re so glad you decided to try Salubria! If you are an old one Thank you so much for supporting us.  Thus far as we’ve been able to reach the Chicagoland area and beyond by sharing our love and knowledge for holistic beauty. The past 2 years have been spent sharing beauty education and selling products at community events, vendor shows, festivals and more. It’s been an absolute joy to create and sell natural products that so many people have grown to trust. This year we will be making some changes to better serve you and to reach more who are eager to learn about holistic beauty.

Less is more

Did you know, Salubria began with the creation of just one product? Our beloved Hair + Body Oil! Since the Salubria line has grown to a plethora of deodorants, soaps, candles, butter, scrubs and more. I’ve always liked the phrase “quality over quantity” and its time to get back to the basics with this philosophy. Over the past 4 years, the Salubria store has expanded to over 70 products! This year we will reduce that number significantly, in order to focus on perfecting the products you love the most. Look for future discounts on products we’ll be discontinuing. If you have any questions concerning your favorite product, feel free to email us directly.

Back to the Basics + Beyond

When I founded Salubria, I wanted the brand to focus on three aspects of health:

  1. Natural Beauty & Home Products
  2. Mental & Emotional Wellness
  3. Whole Nutrition

These three aspects of Salubria are what help you to achieve what I believe are holistic beauty. This year, we will focus on delivering more wellness and nutrition to do just that. The team and I will be doing fewer pop-ups and vendor shows in order to create more content and events that are honed in on our core mission. Look for more educational blog posts, e-books, challenges and discussions that go beyond the our products and focus more on your holistic beauty.  

How you can help

Spread the word

If you believe your favorite boutique or health store should sell Salubria, be sure to ask the store’s manager to carry Salubria!  Be sure to let up know, so we can follow up.

We’re on the lookout for fellow bloggers, creatives and collaborators. If you are or know someone in the health + beauty world who would like to partner up, lets talk!

Link Up

Join our Facebook community, Young Strong + Beautiful, where we discuss practical ways to make healthy beautiful. Participate in challenges, get freebies and a get a wealth of information.

Our virtual door is always open. Feel free to email, review and leave suggestions or questions at any time. Hearing from you helps make Salubria better!

It’s an amazing experience to learn grow and evolve as a company and community. Thank you so much for taking this journey with Salubria Holistic Beauty!  With love and blessings,

Arica Jackson-Morgan


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