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Although the berry is the most popular part of the plant, juniper essential oil is made from the berry, leaves, and wood of the juniper tree. The juniper berry is the star ingredient in the delicious spirit, gin. Although you won't find any gin in our products, Juniper has a distinctively bright, slightly sweet and woodsy scent.  Bonus, it's an all natural antibacterial!  This start essential oil also: 
  • gently cleanses pores
  • fights acne 
  • promotes clearer skin with fewer blemishes 
  • increases blood circulation beneath the skin 
  • firms and tightens muscles 

Because of its great benefits, we love to incorporate juniper into facial care, especially for those who suffer from acne and overactive oil production. Juniper is also great for soaking in after a long day!   



You can find juniper berry essential oils in our:

Onyx Origami Soap                Onyx Bath Cube

Onyx Origami Soap                 Bath Cube Onyx Salubria Holistic Beauty

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